Starcrost – Starcrost

December 24, 2006


Fable Records [F 301] from 1976.


01 False Paradise
02 Catharsis
03 Quicksand
04 Grandfather Clock
05 Flow
06 Getting Going
07 Funky Little Home
08 Da Ba O

Cover art work by Ken Featherston

Please, read this itv @ BLACK ATHENA BLOGSPOT!!


3 Responses to “Starcrost – Starcrost”

  1. Just like they say dont judge an album by his cover 🙂

    Thanks for this and all of your 2006 share…
    see you in 2007 !

    Have a nice Holidays !


    El Swami

  2. Earthbird said

    Just a heads up. Starcrost, as well as Steam Heat and 47X’s Its Own Weight are reuniting for the first time in 30 years in Austin for a special one-time performance celebrating the reissue of Steam Heat’s Austin Funk album.

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