Fourty Seven Times its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus

January 4, 2007

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Mike Mordecai (Fable Records)

“The main focus was to get my own record, STARCROST, out.
The concept was to start an independent label so that it would be taken more seriously.

Greelon Landon had mentioned in our lunch that band‚Äôs that released their own records without a label were looked at as a joke, but that if you could get on a small independent label that might be good. There weren‚Äôt any small independent labels in Austin at that time, so I decided to start one. Not having any experience (other than our demo recording at Acme), I decided to start the Fable label with three bands – I chose to begin with 47 X ITS OWN WEIGHT because they were an instrumental band and I would learn to record the instruments without vocal distractions first. I would follow with STEAM HEAT to learn to add in vocals. Both of these bands were made up of musicians who were friends of mine from college. I figured by the time I finished these two projects, I would be an expert and ready to produce STARCROST.”


Tracklist :

1— Weedhopper
2— March Of The Goober Woobers
3— 47 Tears
4— Jig
5— Halyards
6— Cumulo Nimbus

Is it really worth $590?


3 Responses to “Fourty Seven Times its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus”

  1. Did u pay that amount for it ?!?!
    590 hmmm …not sure id say … TRY to find it cheaper.

    Thanx for sharing it…its very nice of you
    considering i cant afford that 🙂

    Merci Merci !

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