March 22, 2008




15 Responses to “BATMANGOZAR”

  1. Greg said

    Great to see you back!

    Vu que tu reviens j’en profite encore pour te remercier de trois vraies, vraies pépites que je n’ai trouvé QUE chez toi et que j’écoute en boucle: Starcrost, Courtial et 47 times its own weight. Plus le deirdre wilson tabac qui fait bien plaisir. Mais surtout Starcrost, ce disque est vraiment splendide.
    passe nous voir à, on poste du son black comme il se doit!
    Greg aka a mind with no ceiling

  2. reza said

    fantastic to see you posting again and with such an eclectic album , thank you

  3. Salinas said

    Salinas says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Greg said

    Hey Baptman,
    Je ne sais pas si tu reviens beaucoup sur ton blog mais je me demandais si je pouvais poster un lien pour l’album de Courtial& Starcrost sur notre blog OufarKhan, juste pour les faire partager à davantage de passionnés…
    En te créditant bien sûr.
    hit me @ djisoumabeyin(a)

  5. Superb blog.

    I’ve read that a lot of music sharing blogs are deleted by wordpress and I’m afraid to be forced to restart my blog at elsewhere, could you tell me about that?

  6. gianni said

    fantastic posts.
    thank you

  7. Likedeeler said

    I agree. Missing you… Thx 4 all

  8. Diego said

    hey man I know this post is old as hell but is there a possibility you could re-up? the curiosity to listen to this is killing me!!

  9. Myname said

    The link is broken.
    As I can get this LP. I had a cassette copy in the 70’s. I would like to have it again.

  10. Caballo said

    this album seems to be one of the greatest oder one of the worst ever. Though, the cover is one of the best indeed.

    Pleeeeeaassseee, re-up the LP! I need to hear what’s behind it. i found no information on the web.
    Can you tell me from which country this LP comes from and in which year it was released?

    Regards Caballo

  11. Batman said

    please, re up the LP!

  12. Dan said

    I just found the eight track. Have no earthly idea what’s on it, but it will be worth finding out!

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