The Peddlers (w/ the London Philharmonic Orchestra) – Suite London

June 8, 2007


The Peddlers with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, PHILIPS (6308 102), 1972.

Composed by Roy Phillips
Recorded with the Peddlers and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Martyn Ford
Leader: Rodney Friend
Orchestrations: Peter Robinson
Additional movements composed by Peter Robinson
All rhythm tracks arranged by the Peddlers
Vocal: Roy Phillips
Keyboard: Roy Phillips
Percussion: Trevor Morais
Electric Basses: Tab Martin
Electric guitar: Toney Walmsley
Percussion: John Punter

Recorded at AIR Studios London
Engineers: Bill PRice, Chris Michie
IBC Studio, London
Engineer: Mike Clayton

Sleeve design: Bloomsbury Group

The album was released on the Philips label in the United Kingdom in 1972, and on the EMI-distrubuted Odeon label in Europe. The album was pressed in South Africa too, most likely on the Parlophone label. Presumably there are pressings from many other countries. Oddly, the sleeves differ across the territories. The UK album has a black sleeve with gold and white lettering, while the European release has a white sleeve with black lettering. The European sleeve was initially pressed with a small but amusing error. The Odeon label logo was printed mirror-image. A corrected version also exists.

United Kingdom: Philips 6308 102
The rear of the sleeve is black with only standard record company lettering.

Germany: Odeon 1C 062-93367 (sleeve)
Netherlands: Odeon 5C 062-93367 (record)
The rear of the sleeve is uniformly white with no lettering at all

The European pressing on Odeon has other errors. The Philips record shows seven titles on side one, while the Odeon record has only six titles. On side two the label features track number five twice. Somebody wasn’t paying attention in the label printing department. The Odeon record is not banded and all tracks run into each other. This makes it almost impossible to see what tracks begin where. The Philips record is banded but here too an error was made. Track two on side two is in fact a suite of three movements and there are bands between each. Tracks four and five on side two however, have no band in between.


6 Responses to “The Peddlers (w/ the London Philharmonic Orchestra) – Suite London”

  1. cosmo said

    another great post man. keeo it comming


  2. savagemusic said

    Love that Zero 7 covered it. I had no idea. good stuff.

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  4. iueke said

    don’t forget the french press

  5. Greg said

    I know it’s a very very late reaction but just in case you dropped by I just wanted to thank you for the few real gems I’ve downloaded from your blog, very hard to find for me and most of all amazing music: I’m thinking in particular of Courtial and Starcrost. Great forgotten music, that I knew only from a single track on comps, but both albums are incredible throughout…Thank You!

  6. alphabet said

    I’ve never heard of this but it looks very interesting to say the least, thanks again

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