Quasar – Man Coda

February 16, 2007




This is completely off-the-hook abstract Australian psych-rock. Evidently self-produced by the band and never formally distributed, copies of this super-limited pressing are creeping their way across the globe. Only 500 were ever pressed. Recorded direct to digital tape by just a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, the sounds run the gamut from surging, moody, textural, and nearly beatless masterpieces like “Man Coda” and “Reality’s Way” to the tense, jazzy, and angular “The Little Prince” to the stupid ill cut “Zeitgeist,” an all-out sonic rock assault that would make Les Claypool shit in his pants. This song also has an insane drum intro. Demented genius.


— Len Henderson (Guitar, FX)
— Barry Tiplady (Bass, FX)
— Trevor Tiplady (Drums)



17 Responses to “Quasar – Man Coda”

  1. cosmo said

    another great one!!! more of the same! great job

  2. Hevisto said

    This record is huge! Grazie

  3. samels said

    Great post. I got it from the original poster, but good job re-editing the cover photos skew.

    Any credits to the original poster?

  4. bzpt said

    Readers, don’t be fooled!!

    Samels is ONLY talking about the second picture.
    He ain’t talking about the og vinyl rip!

    I suggest you re-read the text above and click on my man link, for more infos. Also check out his imeen picture, you’ll find the original (second) picture : http://djsheep.imeem.com/


  5. Ozzie said

    So can anyone tell me where i can get a copy of the record? I need to get one. SERIOUSLY. 2 of the guys who made it are my uncles & the cover art was done by my step-mum. Need a copy for family posterity

  6. bzpt said

    No problem Ozzie, what’s your e-mail, your contact… Make a sign.
    Cheers, Bzpt.

  7. Ozzie said

    That was fast. E-mail: maxantho@xtra.co.nz. Hit me up via that.

  8. djsheep said

    I have this record available for sale or trade on my website — http://www.bombhiphop.com/tasman

    I had over 150 copies of this record, now I am down to a measley 2 copies…

    hi bapt!


  9. Colin Timms said

    I was one of the original members of this band and played electric trumpet. the band formed in Brisbane around 1974 and I left when the rest of the members decided to move to Melbourne. I was still studying at Qld Con of Music. I was involved in this recording though, which was done at the Qld Con of Music recording studio when the band returned to Brisbane after a year in Melbourne.

    • Chris Pender said

      Colin. I remember Quasar in the 70’s. I do recall the band supporting Frank Zappa at Festival Hall. Interesting times.

      What are you doing these days ?


  10. Peter said

    Thanks Colin,
    It’s great to have this kind of material seeing the light of day! Right up my alley.
    I recently discovered my old band had released our old recordings & found a copy at JB HiFi.
    This stuff is so good it should be released again!
    I’d buy it!

  11. I too was one of the original members, and joined at the same time as Colin, while studying at the Qld Con. Unfortunately I left the band prior to this recording, but I was instrumental in the band attaining a grant to record their first album and co-wrote Force Funk with Len – an attempt to find a more commercial expression of our musical ideals! I’m a keyboard player, and still work in the industry, although in a much more commercial way these days.

  12. I tracked this down because Barry Tiplady was a mate of my brothers back in the 70’s – it’s amazing how this still sounds so great thirty years on. No vinyl copies in my life but the cd’s aren’t a bad replacement.

  13. Stephen Platt said

    Just got my copies out of both LP’s (Nebular Trajectory & Man Coda) & had another listen – havn’t played them for close on 25 years. Stunning music!! – some of it reminds me of “Larks Tongues” era Crimso
    Saw the trio live at the Rialto theatre (Brisbane) sometime in the early 80’s – actually found the concert program tucked away in one of the LP’s sleeves

  14. TheSlimeGod said

    A big leap (I imagine) from this album but you can still follow Barry Tiplady if interested with the band RUCKUS.

    Also, I know it’s a couple of years since this thread has been posted but I don’t suppose there’s any chance of getting a copy of Quasar material, is there?

  15. John Ballis said

    This is a trip down memory lane. Barry, Trevor, Len and Gary came to Melbourne in their pickup vans loaded with gear and ended up staying at my house in Montmorency. One of the most technically proficient bands at that time. Listen to the music carefully and you’ll get the picture. I still have my Quasar albums
    Jazz/Funk/Fusion on Steroids. I was privileged to have Barry, Trevor, Len and Gary play on one of my recordings of my original music which we recorded at Latrobe Uni. Awesome experience.

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