The Deirdre Wilson Tabac – S/T

January 5, 2007



(RCA Victor LSP-4283 stereo, 1970)

Tracklist :

01 — The other side of life
02 — The Dock Of The Bay
03 — Let’s All Join Together
04 — Get Back
05 — Angel Baby
06 — The Last Thing On His Mind
07 — I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes
08 — Look In My Face
09 — Magic One
10 — I Got You


9 Responses to “The Deirdre Wilson Tabac – S/T”

  1. Max said

    Recently discovered your blog–thanks for this and a number of other great posts.

  2. Palomo said

    Love ya!

  3. tom said

    been looking for more of The Deirdre Wilson Tabac since hearing ‘cryin’ on a kenny dope strange games mix years ago – so many thanks for finding it so i can finally itch that musical scratch, take care and keep diggin

  4. soup said

    Thanks for this. Finally got to hear it.

  5. wow lot of time i would hearing this one, thanks a lot!!!
    i enjoy so much with your lps thanks again, lb.

  6. alphabet said

    GODDAMN!!!!!!! I was in the same predicament as Tom, heard it on the kenny dope comp. and had to have it. Nice to see someone posting the entire album, thanks!!!

  7. I was the jazz guitar side of this cut. I don’t remember it being so low in the mix!

  8. First off, many thanks for this primo share. Great to have a chance to listen the whole album.
    Second, very nice to hear from Chuck Anderson that it was his jazzy guitar. There’s very little info out there on DWT.

    Much appreciated!!

  9. Enrico said

    Dierdre and I were fairly close a long time ago. As far as I know this was her only recording, and it suffered the fate of many others; residing in the .99 cut out bin.

    It would appear history has somewhat vindicated her. She was in reality quite a good singer, and with the right people behind her would have gone far on her talent alone.

    I met her when she was waitressing at Broome Street Bar in the early 70’s.

    I’m quite certain she’ll remember me from our song: “We may never pass this way again” by Seals and Croft.

    Lost contact with her ages ago, however, I always wished her the best, and truly hope she’s happy.

    If she reads this she’ll be quite surprised to know I’m still alive.

    All my love, always…you know who this is.

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