Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron

January 5, 2007


Psychedelic Moogy-Rock album from the late 60s.
This LP record is beautiful, the sound is heavy, very sample-able! LOL
Hope you’ll enjoy it.


On the Limelight label (Mercury), record number LS 86062, from 1967, first and only album of the band, they broke up mid-1968.

Tracklist :

01 — And After
02 — If Not This Time
03 — Opus 777
04 — The Things That Concern You
05 — Opus 11
06 — Red The Sign Post
07 — For Paula
08 — Rose
09 — Fantasy
10 — God Bless The Child
11 — Cauldron


3 Responses to “Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron”

  1. larry said

    great post. just realised you didnt have any commentsfor it. more of the same please.. this is very sampleable.. anything else iin the same vein?

  2. Luna said

    Some Fifty Foot Hose members also play in Kwisp.

    Get it here:

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