Courtial – Don’t You Think It’s Time

December 5, 2006


A killer Soul/Funk album recorded in 1976 and released on Pipeline (# PR 2001), a small label from Woodside, California.


One of the tracks (“Am I Losing You”) was included on the “California Soul” comp a couple years back on Ubiquity/Luv N Haight’s, a classic.

I personally like the album all the way through.


I remember that the father of a strutter was a friend of Bill Courtial back in the 70’s.
Dude has posted about that a while back [couldn’t find the thread because it might be older than 1 year], he shared the album with us, that’s how I discovered the whole LP.
I want to thank him again.

Staff :

Bill Courtial : guitar
— Pete “Coke” Escovedo : conga
— Errol Knwoles : vocals
— Edward Williams III : bass
— Geoffrey White : drums
— Jose Najera : percussions

O-Dub (Oliver Wang)’s review about this record @ Soul Strut


10 Responses to “Courtial – Don’t You Think It’s Time”

  1. payola said

    Thanks – this is the music i really need at the moment!

  2. Devin Williams said

    It is a really good Album. My dad is Ed Williams, the bassist in the group and he wrote “don’t you think it’s time” among others. He just had a birthday last week and the whole courtial group showed up as a suprize. They played and it was frikin tight. It’s so nice to know that folks dig on this stuff.

  3. bzpt said


    Thank you for the message.

    Devin, tell your dad I love this album.
    Tell him a dude from Paris (FRANCE) is wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    Do you think you’re dad (or you) would like to tell us (at some stories about the group?

    We keep in touch.


  4. Will Hu said

    thanks for posting this, this is really really great.
    is there a skip on track 3? does anyone have a copy of the track 3 without the skip?
    thanks guys!

  5. Jeff Rodgers said

    Devon, I knew Bill Courtial in the early 80’s when they were performing in the Palo Alto, CA area; I am REALLY interested in acquiring a copy, vinyl or CD, of that incredible album. Can you help me?

  6. Karen said

    You have the “staff” section wrong. It should read:
    * Bill Courtial: Guitar
    * Errol Knowles: Vocals
    * David ‘Dasher’ Kempton: Keyboards
    * Bass: Ed Williams III
    * Drums: Geoff Whyte
    * Percussion: Jose Najera
    Pete and Coke Escovedo were brothers and neither one were on this album, although they were friends with Bill and Errol as they had all been part of Azteca. Coke passed away in 1986.

    • Ed Williams said

      Pete and Coke Escovedo were brothers and Pete was certainly on this album; it was first realeased in 1977. I was at the recording session.

  7. Samuel L. said

    Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

  8. Looking forward to hearing this. Many thanks.

  9. Howard Neal said

    My old Bay Area band Forerunner opened for Courtial at The Keystone Berkeley, either late ’76 or sometime in ’77. I have to check and see if we don’t have an audience cassette or even pics of that night, it’s a strong possibility. I bought a guitar and some of my early basses from Bill Courtial when he was at Guitars Unlimited in Menlo Park near the Stanford Campus. I’ve got fond memories of his “in store” practicing on those fine Gibson archtops he had everywhere around the store…and he probably thought I wasn’t listening. Lots of memories, thanks for this blog. (Howie)Howard Neal, Brevard, NC

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