Paul Bley – Footloose

November 1, 2006

— PAUL BLEY – Footloose —


Paul Bley’s second album, originally released on Savoy MG 12182 [Reissued on BYG] – Recorded in Aug. 1962, and Sept. 1963.

Paul Bley piano, Steve Swallow bass, Pete LaRoca drums.


7 Responses to “Paul Bley – Footloose”

  1. reza said

    Excellent post Thanks 🙂

  2. bzpt said

    Hey, glad you like it.
    You’re starting a blog too?


  3. grasprelease said

    Awesome. Thx for this. I posted a link to this post at a Paul Bley thread we have in SFRP…I hope this is ok. Your blog rules. I’ve started contributing to Different Waters recently, and very soon I’ll be putting up a lot of improvisation from around the world.

  4. bzpt said

    Hi grasprelease,
    did you post a link to this page or a link to the d*wnload link?
    What is SFRP?

    Later, thanks for the feedback.

  5. Orleyfarm said

    Hi, I’m a newcomer to your great blog. I would love to hear this album–I knew these guys were a trio but haven’t heard anything by them except 2/3 of the trio on LaRoca’a “Basra.” Anyway, do we need to e-mail you for the links?


  6. Orleyfarm said

    Whoops, I figured out how to access. Thanks again for all of your great posts.

  7. Ben said

    link doesn’t work … can you reload it ??

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