Miroslav Vitous – Purple

October 31, 2006



Miroslav Vitous – bass, electric piano (3,5)
John McLaughlin (1) – guitar
Joe Zawinul – electric Piano
Billy Cobham – drums

Recorded at Apostolic Studio, NYC, August 25, 1970, engineer : David Baker.

CBS Sony 37181 (US) – CBS-Sony SOPC 57101 (J)

More infos on Miroslav Vitous


6 Responses to “Miroslav Vitous – Purple”

  1. 141743rd said

    Wow! This one is new to me. Much thanx.

    Love the Bley too!

  2. medallionBRG said

    thanks for the great posts. just came across your site tonight and am deeply in awe. the bley stuff is great, and the rest i’ve never heard. thanks for turning me on to some new, deeper out there sounds.

  3. jlb418 said

    thank you very much for posting this one, one of my favorite bass players. never heard of this record though thanks again

  4. Calvic said

    merci bcp … rien que du bon … dire que j’aurais pu acheter ce disque ….

    Un grand merci

    Thanks, geat jazz “band”, i love all of them …

  5. i’m fortunate to have a copy of PURPLE.

    historically significant!!!



  6. Giaco said

    I heard of this album from my drums teacher (he of course loves Mr. Billy Cobham).

    I Absolutely love this Album, thanks for posting it.

    Billy Cobham inspires me a lot.

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